Rocko's Modern Life: Down Under

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With Friends Like These
Heffer and Filburt compete for Rocko's friendship after Rocko wins two tickets to a wrestling match.

Sailing the 7 Zzz's
Mr. Bighead, while sleepwalking, thinks he's a pirate and tries repeatedly to get a treasure map from Rocko.

Heffer suspects that he is being targeted for revenge after his practical jokes get out of hand.

From Here to Maternity
Rocko, Heffer and Filburt are arrested during a raid on an Easter Bunny ring while caring for Filburt and Dr. Hutchinson's egg.

Ed Good, Rocko Bad
Rocko and Mr. Bighead run against each other for the office of Dog Catcher.

Teed Off
Heffer helps Mr. Bighead win a golf game that has been rigged in Mr. Du Pet's favor.

Wimp on the Barby
Rocko prepares for a visit from grade-school bully, Dingo.

Yarn Benders
Rocko and Heffer read fairy tales, with a bit of improvisation, to Filburt to entertain him as he recovers from a cold.

Mama's Boy
Heffer moves out of his parent's place to prove he's capable of making it on his own.

Feisty Geist
Heffer faces the wrath of a spirit that he wronged in a former life.

Rocko tries to get a love letter back that was intended for his mail carrier.

Magic Meatball
Ed Bighead earns a series of promotions by relying on a "Magic Meatball" (kinda like a "Magic 8-Ball") to make business decisions.

Closet Clown
Ed Bighead has trouble accepting the fact that he enjoys being a clown.

Seat to Stardom
Rocko and Heffer's friendship is strained when Rocko unwittingly finds fame as a high-fashion underwear model.

The High Five of Doom
Rocko and Heffer think that Filburt is an alien who vaporizes Earthlings by high-fiving them.

Fly Burgers
Rocko loses a frivolous law suit to Flecko the fly.

Heff in a Handbasket
Heffer unknowingly trades his soul for an opportunity to be on a TV game show.

Wallaby on Wheels
Rocko takes up roller-skating to impress a girl.

Rocko is arrested after a game of Doorbell Ditch gets out of hand.

Rug Birds
Filburt talks Rocko into going wig-snatching with him.

Hypno-Puppy Luv
Heffer hyptonizes Rocko.

Driving Mrs. Wolfe
Virginia talks Rocko into teaching her how to drive.

Hypno-Puppy Luv
Heffer hyptonizes Rocko.

Driving Mrs. Wolfe
Virginia talks Rocko into teaching her how to drive.

Put To Pasture
Filburt, the Bigheads and Rocko reminisce, while Heffer recovers from a dangerous overdose of Pasture Puffies.

Future Schlock
Seventeen years in the future, Filburt tells the story of Rocko, Heffer and Spunky's disappearance.

Turkey Time
Rocko tries to protect the Thanksgiving Turkeys that have taken refuge at his house.

Floundering Fathers
After Mr. Bighead, as Grand Marshall of the O-Town Founder's Day Parade, rejects Rocko's parade float entry, Mr. Bighead, Filburt and Heffer tell their versions of the founding of O-Town.