Rocko's Modern Life: Down Under

Episode Guide

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Bye, Bye, Birdie
Rocko takes care of Filburt's destructive pet bird while Filburt is in the hospital for tests.

Belch of Destiny
Heffer wins the respect of his fellow Weasel Scouts by belching at the Weasel Scout Talent Show.

The Emperor's New Joe
In a take-off on The Emperor's New Clothes, the Chameleon brothers, Chuck and Leon, tell the story of how they developed their unique brand of coffee while living in the trend-conscious kingdom of Balzak.

Heffer joins a cult that worships sausage and has to be rescued by Rocko, Filburt and Really Really Big Man.

Sugar Frosted Frights
In a take-off on The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, Rocko and Heffer help Filburt get over is fear of Halloween.

Ed is Dead
Rocko is convinced that Beverly Bighead had murdered her husband Ed. Shades of Hitchcock's Rear Window.

Rocko, Heffer and Filburt go on an ill-fated fishing trip.

Camera Shy
Rocko rents a video camera so he can send a video to his parents, documenting his life in America. Heffer and Filburt have other ideas though.

Nothing To Sneeze At
After a mixup at the hospital, Beverly Bighead winds up with a nose and is horrified to find out that her husband, Ed, stinks.

Old Fogey Froggy
Ed Bighead hopes that by hanging out with Rocko and his friends, he will feel young again.

Manic Mechanic
Filburt helps Rocko fix his hopelessly run-down car.

Rocko's Happy Vermin
Thousands of bugs move into Rocko's house after escaping from Ed Bighead's pantry.

I See London, I See France
Rocko chases the girl of his dreams through the streets of Paris while on a discount travel package with Heffer.

Rocko takes an obese Spunky to an animal health spa while Bloaty the Tick and Squirmy the Ringworm become lawmen in Spunky's Fatlands.

Fortune Cookie
Filburt is cursed by a bad fortune cookie before appearing on the Mega Spin show.

Dear John
Rocko has to fix his kitchen after his house is hit by a satellite.

Speaking Terms
Rocko and Heffer go on the "Nosey" show to talk about a rift in their friendship.

Tooth and Nail
Rocko must confront his nail-biting habit.

Wacky Delly
Full half-hour episode. Ralph Bighead puts Rocko, Heffer and Filburt in charge of his new cartoon in the hopes the studio will hate it and cancel his contract.

The Big Question
Filburt tries to get up enough nerve to ask Dr. Hutchinson to marry him.

The Big Answer
Filburt's bachelor party and wedding plans cause problems for Rocko and Heffer.

An Elk for Heffer
Heffer must bring an elk home for dinner to prove his manhood to the pack and ends up dating one.

Scrubbin' Down Under
Rocko's hygene is brought under scrutiny after a piece of spinach is found stuck in his teeth at an awards banquet.

In a musical Earth Day tribute, Rocko helps clean up O-Town.

Fatal Contraption
In a unique episode without speaking parts, Rocko attempts to dispose of a difficult food processor.