Rocko's Modern Life: Down Under

Episode Guide

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I Have No Son
Full half-hour episode. Rocko and Filburt go to Hollowood in search of the Bigheads' son Ralph, the creator of the Fatheads show.

Pipe Dreams
Rocko's toilet becomes clogged and Rocko and Heffer try many ways to unclog it. They eventually discover a mutated goldfish clogging the pipes and seek a profession plumber.

Tickled Pinkey
Rocko become sick and needs his appendix removed. The appendix (Pinky) misses being part of Rocko's anatomy and has Rocko take him to the carnival.

The Lounge Singer
Filburt with the help of Rocko and some motivational tapes becomes a lounge singer like his idol Buddy Gecko. He eventually tours america with his newfound talent.

She's The Toad
Mr Bighead suffers from a mental breakdown the night before his big presentation at Comglomo. Mrs Bighead has Rocko and Filburt pose as Mr Bighead for the speech.

Down The Hatch
Rocko tries to save Spunky after he is accidently fed a Fatheads Chewable Cheese Snack that causes pets to explode.

Road Rash
One of my favourite episodes. Rocko and Heffer go on a road trip to see Flem Rock before it is bulldozed, making way for a Chokey Chicken carpark.

Boob Tubed
Rocko orders a new TV, but ends up with a huge entertainment system. Heffer gets addicted to the TV and his brain is sucked in.

Commuted Sentence
Rocko is consistantly late to work and his boss gets fed up. Rocko then resorts to public transportation to get to work on time.

Rocko's Modern Christmas: You Can't Squeeze Cheer From A Cheese Log
Full half-hour episode. Rocko tries to throw a Christmas party but Mr Bighead plots to ruin it. With the help of a little elf, Rocko gets his party back on track.

Hut Sut Raw
Rocko, Heffer and Filburt go camping. After a long run of bad luck they are left without food and shelter and must survive in the wilderness.

Kiss Me I'm Foreign
When Rocko finds out he is being deported, he marries Filburt to stay in America. Filburt takes the marriage too seriously.

Full half-hour episode. Rocko and Heffer end up stuck with Heffer's Grandpa on a cruise ship. When the ship passes through the Bermuda Triangle, the old folks become young again, and Heffer and Rocko become old.

Born To Spawn
Filburt on his twenty-first birthday is compelled against his will to go back to his birthplace, to become an "adult". But he's afraid of becoming an adult and tries to resist.

Uniform Behaviour
Heffer gets a job as a security guard and the power of authority goes to his head.

Hair Licked
Rocko is awarded employee of the month and has to have his picture taken for the papers.

Gutter Balls
Mr Bighead has always dreamed of winning the bowling championship trophy and only has to beat one more team to claim it. In order to ensure victory he invites Rocko, Filburt and Heffer to play against his team.

Junk Junkies
Rocko owes a five-hundred dollar pizza bill and decides to have a garage sale to get the money.

Day Of The Flecko
After working all night at the comic store, Rocko is in much need of sleep. But instead Flecko, an innocent fly, loses his glass eye up Rocko's nose and must retrieve it.

When the road gets blocked, Rocko and Heffer decide to spend the day at a ski resort and end up spending more money than they have.

Frog's Best Friend
Mrs Bighead adopts Earl the Dog and sees him as a lovable pet. Mr Bighead and Earl don't exactly get along.

Short Story
Rocko wishes he was tall but discovers that being short has its advantages.

Eyes Capades
Rocko is in denial about needing glasses and tries to enter the Figure Jacking Championships.