Rocko's Modern Life: Down Under

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No Pain, No Gain
Rocko and Heffer are over-weight, lazy and out-of-shape. They join a health club to improve their health.

Who Gives a Buck
Spunky needs a new bowl but there's only one problem. Rocko's broke. When Heffer introduces him to a credit card it seems all his troubles are solved, until he gets carried away...

Leap Frogs
Rocko thinks he's at the Bighead's house to do cleaning, but Mrs Bighead has other ideas.

Heffer isn't pulling his wait around the house so they rent his room out. After an unfortunate accident in the treehouse, he decides to move in with Rocko.

Jet Scream
Rocko and Heffer fly to vegas on a discount airline where they learn all about the wonders of flying coach.

Dirty Dog
Rocko has to give spunky a bath... against his will. Meanwhile Bloaty the Tick and Squirmy the Ringworm have Bloaty's boss over for dinner.

Keeping Up With The Bigheads
Mr Bighead is disgusted by Rocko's garden and threatens to have it condemned. Can Rocko and Heffer get the place "good as new" before the inspector arrives?

Rocko loses his drivers licence and he must retake the driver's test to get it back.

Power Trip
Rocko's boss goes out of town for hair implants and leaves Rocko in charge. He hires Filburt to work at the counter while he becomes power crazy in the boss's office. Only Really Really Big Man can save Rocko now.

To Heck and Back
After choking on a chicken bone, Heffer goes to heck for the sin of Gluttony. Can he escape from heck and the diabolical Peaches?

The Good, The Bad and The Wallaby
Rocko goes to visit his uncle's cattle ranch and brings Heffer along for the ride. Rocko tries to fit in with the cowboy folk while Heffer mingles with the cattle.

Its garbage day and Rocko has to get rid of all his trash. The only things stopping him is Earl the dog and an unfriendly ball of green mould.

Rocko's prize winning foul ball is shredded when it lands in Mr Bighead's garden. They go to a baseball game in hope of catching another foul ball.

Popcorn Pandemonium
Rocko and Heffer hope to spend a night at the movies if they can only find a decent seat.

A Sucker for the Suck-O-Matic
Rocko's old vacuum cleaner chokes on crud and dies. After seeing an appealing info-mercial he orders the brand new Suck-O-Matic. Little does he know the thing has a mind of it's own, literally.

Rocko loses his job and tries out various jobs including being a plumber's assistant, a phone operator and finally a product tester for Conglomo. The jobs aren't exactly what Rocko had in mind.

Carnival Knowledge
Rocko and Heffer go to a carnival. Heffer has his eye on the dangerous rides while all Rocko wants is a carnival prize.

Sand In Your Navel
The day is a scorcher as Rocko and Spunky head for the beach. Its severely overcrowded and Rocko and Spunky can't stay out of trouble.

Cabin Fever
Rocko and Heffer are forced to share their cabin in the mountains with The Bigheads for the weekend. After being snowed in, Mr Bighead goes crazy and tries to escape, while Rocko and Heffer are having a great time.

Rinse & Spit
Filburt is looking for a patient for his dentistry exam. He finds Rocko and eventually pursuades him. Everything goes fine up until a tooth with a cavity gets out of control.

Rocko's Happy Sack
Rocko is starving, out of food and only has five bucks until next pay day. Things are looking bad, until he spots a 99% off sale at Heap-O-Food in the newspaper.

Rocko comes down with the flu on the day of the big WWWWF fight.

Who's For Dinner?
Heffer invites Rocko to his place for dinner. To Rocko's shock Heffer's parents are wolves. Heffer finds out that he is adopted and runs away to find his real father.

Love Spanked
Rocko lusts after the girl living next door until he finds out she has a boyfriend. Heffer thinks "there's plenty more fish in the sea" and gets Rocko a personal ad in the newspaper.

Clean Lovin'
Spunky falls in love with a mop. Rocko seeks help for Spunky and the mop.

Unbalanced Load
Rocko spends the day at the laundromat, but laundromats aren't as safe as he hoped.