Rocko's Modern Life: Down Under

For the love of cake! HIDE MEEEE!!!
A wallaby? Well it's like a kangaroo but smaller.
This isn't coffee!!!
I'm not a comedian, I just have a funny accent.
The horror! The horror!
Well, you're just a grouchy old toad.
I must cease this senseless sucking!
Big dog, big FEROCIOUS dog, we're shaking arn't we spunky?
Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby.
I'm not a piece of paper, I'm a wallaby!
Hef this is bonza!
I so happy!
I can't believe enveryone's bonkers for me bum!
Spunky, pew, bad dog!
You brought that smoot in the bath tub, spunky?
Oh cobblers!
He has a permanent wedgie.
Hey Hef
What the nut is going on?
What in the blazes!?!
Hehe, hehe, Oh my
G'Day mate!
Bath day is a very dangerous day
Laundry day is a very dangerous day
Garbage day is a very dangerous day
Open Mike night is a very dangerous night
Shopping day is a very dangerous day
Good as new

Citizens of Conglomo repeat after me.... WEE WEE!!!!
Cluck, cluck, bock bock bugock
Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet (burping) THIS BURP IS FOR YOU!
Give me a merrit badge now!!!
I love hot chocolate with marshmellows
Hey Mr Bighead, thats my mother your yellin' at and I don't like it!
And now for your viewing pleasure, 1001 of you favourite videos!
I spilled my puffies
Born to eat fried food!
Most loved disco hits of the seventies as played by the McThrifty Bagpipe Brothers!
Flem Rock, what a sight
This authority stuff is great!
Phone home.... Heffer phone home (in ET voice)
If I eat more, I can lose more weight!
I better lay off the exercise for a while
Look Rocko, cattle! Look at all the cattle!
Spandex... I don't OWN any spandex!!!
Look everybody, I'm a loser!
I spilled my puffies
Hey! I don't get it.
Oh my gosh! I don't believe it....
There's nothing like restaurant ketchup
I'm a glueton!
Wow, I've got big hips
Chewy Chicken is people! Chewy Chicken is people!
It was a good ad campaign... plus he's got big shoulders!
There's the real world, and then there's Filburt world!
It doesn't get any grosser that this!
I love the future!
Get along little human!
Sleep standing up? Well, when in Rome...
If you were a true friend, you'd brand my butt!
Assume the position!
I feel naked and alone
I feel pretty... just call me Cinder-Heffer
Vote for Rocko... he's a darn nice fellow
Heey, would you look at that!
Pretty convincing Roc. Heh heh!
$300 for a clog?!! A clog!!! Nooo thanks.
Hey Rocko.
Chokey Chicken! I LOVE Chokey Chicken!
I sure am hungry.
Hey I'm starved.
You know, I died once.
Electric eels were biting my butt!
That was a hoot!
Are you gonna eat that?

Ohhhhh!!! my new watch...
Hey, hey, ask me what time it is
Hi Rocko!
Why don't you tell us about the space aliens in your basement!!!
Hey fellas
Just a gosh darn minute!
You just said wee wee!
Oh, the overwhelming humiliation!
Lane 13!?! That's terribly unlucky.
Wee Wee
Whoa, whoa, whoa... don't go crazy!
I am the tooth fairy, behold my power
Do I look okay to you?
Yeah you like it! you like that!
No comments from the meat counter, cow!
I just hope I don't screw up your teeth or something
Oh, Oh, Oh, Look, Look, Look...
I've got a hedgehog who's hungry!
Pass the clam juice, please!
Alright! That's enough!
Lets roast his onion!
You got it, fuzzy!
I'm wearing European-style undergarments!
Stuff on a stick: stick your face in our stuff!
How do ya plead, froggy lips?
I'm Mr. Lucky!
If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing adequately
If things get iffy, kick him in the hiney!
There's always time for safety
I don't know... because you're stupid!
Follow that motor-scooter-bike thingy!
Kiss the bird!
...and dont get the fat guy!
Your a momma's boy!
I'm the ultimate fan!
I've got a bird's eye view of the grand canyon!
I wet my shell!
Dont rush the magic!
Hold your horses, dutchboy!
Monkey bites!
Your not pinning me with stolen merchandise.... that stuff's hot!
Rocko for dogcatcher!
My back teeth are floating.
Bad luck and extreme misfortune will infest my pathetic soul for all eternity.
Does the big squishy butt have something to say!!!
You wig wearing RECESS MONKEY!
Why spend money on an expensive collogne when you could use mustard!
Don't push it pal!
Hey you guys.
Oh fishsticks.
I'm Nausous, I'm Nausous, I'm Nausous...
Oh darn.
My hives!
Turn the page, wash your hands...

Rocko, Heffer and Filburt:
What in the hellllllow!

Hippo Lady:
Would you mind buttering my back?
How dare you!

Ed Bighead:
You saw my wife in her BATHROBE?!?!
Hehe, I'm a clown! *honk*
Poop the deck and ruffle me winkie!
Get off my back, woman!
I have no son!
Hey! Get out of my salmon bushes!
I hate my life!!!

Bev Bighead:
We were, afraid to tell you.
What a pig!
Darling, time for my bubblebath!
You don't die from a wart removal!
Read 'em and weep, boys!
Ed! What am I... talking to myself?!
My boys... my BOYS!
Ed if you're going to talk, take the steer out of your mouth.
Ed! Come play with me!
How rude
OOOOOOO You Sweetie!

Dr Hutchenson:
I was a surgeon, but I just couldn't cut it!
I was a dentist, but I tired of always looking down in the mouth!

Grandpa Wolf:
I say we eat the beaver!
I'm feelin' frisky!
We don't got any of that fancy-scmancy slop here!
Shut up beaver!

Really Really Big Man:
Little poots? Where are you?
Help, I'm suffering from nipple blindness!
Look into my magic chest hairs
Look in to my nipples of the future.
Remember, BIG is good!

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! ah, forget about it.
I am evil... they call me... Peaches
664...665... grrrr 1...2...3
You still don't know where you are, do you? There is no remote in heck!

Dr. Phil (Plumber):
Your pooper's plugged!! Dang, I love this job!

Chuck & Leon:
Snuffy Snuffy!
That's not the fat guy.... THAT'S the fat guy!
Very expensive...
You kangaroo-type-person!
Tisk Tisk Tisk

Gurney Beavers:
Hey, someone to rescue!
Hut Hut Hut Hut Hut Hut

Mortimer Kahn:
It's so genius in it's simplicity...
Feel the itch of real wool
Feel the strength of my two-ply!

Who keeps writing this stuff?!?

Cat & Son:
Your teachers full of snot!

Wild Pig:
I'm a wild pig!

Job Applicant:
...and I'm punchin' him and punchin' him and I say "What do you mean I didn't give you the right change!!!!"

I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna drop the big one!

TV Exercise Man:
And one-and a two-and one and a two...
Let's move it with butt-master!

Ralph Bighead:
Okay, have it your way, DAD.

Could you get that? Thanks a lot.... Could you get that? Thanks a lot....

TV Elephant:
It was awful! awful! He was crazy! Tartar Sauce everywhere!

Conglomo Workers:
Wee Wee!


We Own You

Oh look, its our annoying neighbour Rollo
Don't give him anything!

Big Guy:
Hey! My wife is a sea mammell!

Guy with Monkey:
You keep your bird away from my monkey
I thought I told you to keep your bird away from my monkey!

How would you like it if a goldfish grabbed your wallaby butt!

Stray Dogs:
You can work a pencil?
For the love of Lassie, somebody neuter me!