Rocko's Modern Life: Down Under

Q. Where can I buy Rocko on DVD?
A. has exclusive DVDs on sale. Titled 'The Best of Rocko's Modern Life - Volume 1' and 'The Best of Rocko's Modern Life - Volume 2', together they make up the first season of Rocko. However, a few words of warning. First these DVDs are censored, meaning certain scenes have been removed. Secondly, these are in the format of DVD-R and might not be compatible with your DVD player. Rocko is not available officially in stores or anywhere else on DVD. Joe Murray has expressed that he wanted to get Rocko DVDs out for a while, but nothing has come of it as yet.

Q. Why aren't they showing Rocko on my local TV station anymore?
A. Rocko is over ten years old now, so it's common for a show this old to be taken off the air. All you can do is be patient, or perhaps write or e-mail that TV station and ask politely if they can bring it back.

Q. What was the first episode of Rocko?
A. 'No Pain, No Gain / Who Gives a Buck?' aired on September 18, 1993, making it the first episode shown on TV. However the most dated episode appears to be Trash-O-Madness. The animation is not as well done, Rocko looks irregular and talks a bit differently.

Q. Why is Rocko so cool?
A. It would take too long to list all the reasons why Rocko is so cool, but here are just a few. Rocko's a cartoon, it's funny, well animated, appeals to adults and children alike and you get 2 episodes in 30 minutes! What more could you want?

Q. How much does Heffer eat a day?
A. Heffer has been known to eat a hundred packs of Pasture Puffies a day!

Q. Do the characters in Rocko have last names?
A. We only get to find out Heffer's last name, Wolfe (he was adopted by wolves) and Filburt's last name was first Turtle but in later episodes it is Shellbach. Rocko's last name hasn't been revealed. Other interesting facts are that Dr. Hutchenson's first name is Paula, and Filburt's and Hutchensons' children are Shellburt and Gilburt (the turtles) Norburt (the steer) and Missy (the cat). Thanks for that info Melvin.

Q. Where does Rocko and the gang live?
A. They live in O-Town.

Q. Does Filburt have parents?
A. Not much is known about Filburt's parents, but his birth place is Kerplop-it-goes Island.

Q.What's with the -O-? (eg. O-Town, Conglom-O, Suck-O-Matic)
A. Apparently, Joe Murray loved businesses that used O in their name (eg. tonnes-o-stuff) and decided to incorporate funny -O- names into Rocko.

Q.Is is Chokey Chicken or Chewy Chicken?
A. It was originally Chokey Chicken but for it changed to Chewy Chicken in the 4th season, because Nickelodeon thought it sounded too much like a slang term not suitable for young children's ears. It's rather silly really, but Nickelodeon are sensitive to complaints from concerned guardians. Because Nickelodeon is considered a 'kids network', they are responsible for keeping the content as clean as possible.

Q.Why did Rocko end?
A. Joe Murray stepped away from the creative input after the 3rd season and took on the position of executive producer. He decided to leave after the forth season because of personal commitments. He still encouraged the show to continue, but Nickelodeon thought 52 episodes were enough.

Q.Is Heffer a cow or a steer?
A. Heffer is a STEER!!!!

Q. How old is Rocko?
A. Rocko's age is never revealed, but he's old enough to drive and live alone, so I'd say between 18 and 30.

Q. Where can I find O-Town?
A. Well first you gotta go back five to ten miles 'til you get to a big purple shed with Rufus painted on the side. You take the dirt road just past that shed. Don't go too far, just past it. If you see another shed that has Chaka Kahn painted on the side then you've gone too far, go back to the previous shed. There's two of them and it can be confusing to someone who doesn't know the area.

Q. Where can I buy Rocko videos?
A. Rocko's Modern Life videos are available from Another good place to find Rocko merchandise is E-bay, although its usually expensive.

Q. Are there any other Rocko series besides Rocko's Modern Life?
A. No. Rocko's Modern Life is all there is. Don't expect to see Rocko's Ancient Life or Rocko's Boring Life any time soon.

Q. What was the final episode of Rocko's Modern Life?
A. The final episode was 'Turkey Time / Floundering Fathers'. It originally aired on November 24, 1996, meaning the entire series ran a little bit over 3 years. Nothing special happened and there was no "big" ending. Just an average Rocko episode.

Q. Is there a Rocko Soundtrack?
A. Not that I know of, but you can download the theme song and other selected music from our audio page.

Q. Who sings the Rocko's Modern Life Theme Song?
A. From the second series onwards, the B52s. They are known for their hit songs Rock Lobster and Love Shack.