Rocko's Modern Life: Down Under

Characters and Places

Rocko is a wallaby from Australia, living by himself in O-Town. He has worked at many comic stores, but is usually employed at Kind-Of-A-Lot-Of-Comics. He's a master of the Jack Hammer and your all-round nice guy.

Heffer is a Steer and Rocko's best friend. He is adopted and living with the Wolfe family. He always puts his stomach before anything else, so its no wonder he's a little overweight.

Filburt the turtle makes up Rocko's trio of buddies. He's always has a different jobs and lives in a caravan. His hidden talent is Lounge Singing and seems to bowl exceptionally well at the Bowling Alley.

Spunky is Rocko's dog. He has a hard time staying out of trouble, always getting lost or ending up a place he shouldn't be.

Ed Bighead
Mr Bighead is Rocko's neighbor and always seems to ruin Rocko's day. He's works at Conglomo and has a lost son, Ralph Bighead, a cartoonist. In the words of Rocko "Mr Bighead has a permanent wedgie."

Bev Bighead
Mrs Bighead is married to Mr Bighead. She somewhat lacks love in her marriage.

Really Really Big Man
Really Really Big Man is the super hero of O-Town. He secretly disguises himself as Lois Lane without anybody knowing his true identity.

Dr Hutchenson
Dr Hutchenson is a doctor/dentist and occasionally dates Filburt. Despite the hook on her right arm she's a very nice character. K?

Flecko appears in Day of the Flecko where Rocko has a lot of trouble sleeping. He's a very irritating fly that just won't go away.

Peaches appears in To Heck and Back where Heffer chokes on a chicken bone. He guides Heffer through hell and gives him his punishment for the sin of Gluttony.

Bloaty and Squirmy
Bloaty and Squirmy are the stars of The Bloaty and Squirmy Show, a sit-com within Rocko Modern Life. They live off the back of Spunky, enjoying the life of a parasite.

The Fatheads
The Fatheads is a cartoon created by Ralph Bighead, the son of the Bigheads'.

Conglom-o is where Mr Bighead works. With the slogan "We Own You" it's one of the major corporations in O-Town.

Heck is where bad people go when they die. Run by Peaches, it is where Heffer is doomed to eternal suffering. The TVs don't even have remotes!

Rocko's Couch
This is where the action is! Here Rocko and Heffer watch TV, eat and come up with ideas.

Rocko's Car
Rocko's car takes him anywhere he wants to go!

Rocko's Bed
Rocko's bed usually only fits Rocko, but when Heffer was kicked out of his house, Rocko had to make room.